Come see us at 1199 E. Main St. in Rochester. We are currently taking donations of quality used furniture, building materials, arts and crafts supplies and more. Keep an eye out here for news of our Grand Opening events, scheduled for Earth Week - April 21st to the 28th.

  • Dreadragon

     I have managed to do a bit of “McGuyverus Temporaricus” of the windbottler invention enough to at least visually identify how the componets are ‘theoretically’ going to function…

    A video would greatly enhance the explanation, but I’ve got a bit of piping to do still in order to create the pressure necessary for balance, but at least folks can get an idea of what parts to begin accumulating?

    Keep in mind that this is only one single example of how to harness wind energy to compress ITSELF to be used as an energy source…. this is just what I happened to have at my “non-disposal” mixed with a few commonly available hardware and discount tool stores…. some ‘minor’ custom tooling performed  in some spots of my design, but nothing requiring “high precision” that I’ve detected so far…

    The ‘fluidic flywheels’ that will be in use are likely not very evident in still imagery since they are merely various sized tires filled with WATER instead of air that will enable low-friction start-up, combined with good old INERTIAL momentum once the fluid catches up with the speed of it’s container.

    Ok… enough geeky-speaky…. once I get enough people helping out with the garden(s), I can get back to work finishing these designs for FREE POWER FOR EVERYONE FOREVER!!!

    But food’s gotta take precedence over POWER,  people…. and the more energy I have to spend building mechanisms for people to grow their own food, the less energy, time and resources I have to PROVE this is a viable free energy source for everyone.


    But for now, all I got is still pics of pure genius at work =p~


  • Brian (aka)Dreadragon

     That is awesome! Hope I don’t come across as trying to step on toes with any of this stuff, what you are currently doing in your mission statement  is just absolutely commendable, but I figure if there’s a need for items that aren’t currently on your ‘collectible list’ that will otherwise end up in landfills and give people a product in return for it that can further help eliminate pollution, it ought to be something EVERYONE can get behind and find value in.

    It will be fun showing this stuff off and absorbing other ideas for improvements and whatnot, but I do NOT plan on filing any patents because there really is no way to… there are so many different ways of accomplishing this and mine just happens to be one (well, more like 4 once it’s all together).

    I have no problems if anyone wants to try to ‘own’ this idea and try to make some money from it, but don’t try to say I didn’t tell you it was probably futile… especially with people building their own left and right… (mostly left at first I suspect LOL)


  • Jason Rowe

    Sounds exciting!  We’d love to see our materials go into such an important project.

  • Brian (aka)Dreadragon

    I cannot believe the incredible coincidence of not only the founding of your fantastic organization, but the proximity to my home. I’ve spent the past 5 years developing prototypes for creating compressed air energy from various natural resources and one of my main missions was to use commonly used recycled parts so that people could easily build their own power stations…. we definitely need to talk!

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