Live Neutral


Live Neutral

Mission: To build radically neutral homes in Rochester NY because we believe in building homes that let people and nature thrive.


Money & Time For those who are passionate about living environmentally ethical lives there’s an added perk: living green costs a lot less. Even on a very limited income, it is possible to thrive in a neutral house. While the gardens and some chores may take a bit more time, there is no electric bill to pay, no heating bill to pay, and significantly reduced food and water bills to pay. Neutral homes can free residents from the traps that keep them living paycheck to paycheck.
Slow & Non-Renewable Resources Residential sprawl, industrial pressures, and agribusiness have put huge stress on arable land and every natural ecosystem on our planet. Living in a neutral home means adding no pressure to these systems. It means radically reducing the amount of slow & non-renewables used on the property and the careful use of land-fill saved materials.
Greenhouse Gases Complete greenhouse gas neutrality can be difficult to achieve, but it is our goal. We appreciate the gravity of global warming, and understand that living responsibly and ethically in this age, means living a CO2 neutral life. Our homes are designed to use low-CO2 intensity materials for construction, and require no net-CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions to maintain.
Food The use of fossil fuels, water, and chemicals to grow, collect, process, & ship many foods in our diet is a waste of time, resources, and money. There is another way. Even urban homes can be food-secure. Our goal is to design an garden coop with about 1/10 of an acre per person. If we meet this target, we will have a designed a sustainable, efficient, organic, and VERY local source of food & income for residents.
Water We think water should be used with care. Our neutral homesteads will use rain-water to maintain our gardens AND, if we can get permission to do so, we also plan on using rainwater for ALL household water needs. Find out more about changing local laws on rainwater use in The Plan.
Wellbeing Living in neutral, means living radically simple. This, of course has the lovely advantage of being very good for the environment, one’s community, and one’s own physical and emotional health. Living neutral means living with fewer environmental toxins, less need to earn or spend money, less need to worry about the future. Living neutral means living with less stress.

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