Meet Our Board of Trustees

open-uri20141030-2-d8pjivAngela Wood, President

Angela is currently the acting president of Rochester Greenovation. She has been on the board for about 18 months. During this time Greenovation has gone through a series of management and organizational changes, now led by a solid team that is strong and dedicated. She provides a strong background in communication, technical knowledge, and an energetic approach to difficult situations. When she isn’t at Greenovation or “herding cats” during her day job as a product management coordinator, she is painting, drawing, or playing League of Legends.


100MEDIA95IMAG0791-1Kimberly DePrez, Trustee & Store Manager

Kim is described by her family as a hippie- defining her views on saving the earth, recycling, repurposing and a general concern for mother nature. She enjoys the outdoors and wants to help protect it in any way possible. She creates items from materials that have been discarded and gives new life to unwanted things. She has been an avid recycler ever since she learned about the topic in elementary school and encourages everyone to do their part in keeping the earth clean and healthy.


Abraham Maher, Treasurer

caitlinCaitlin Meives, Secretary

Caitlin is a tree and building hugger. At her day job at The Landmark Society of Western New York, Caitlin works in the field of historic preservation planning, assisting property owners, community advocates, and elected officials alike with the reuse of historic structures and supporting community revitalization efforts. She is a Syracuse native but has also done time in Vermont and Kansas. Caitlin is a committed city dweller and ROC promoter. She lives in the Park Ave. neighborhood with her veterinarian husband and animals.