Also known as ‘Green Demolition’, our team can disassemble anything from a shed to a 3-story house, garages, barns, and more. Materials are collected and reused rather than being discarded, which means less of a burden on our landfills and more material to repair and remodel homes in a neighborhood near you! Got a smaller project? We do individual rooms, interior gutting, kitchen and bathroom removal… Call us and ask.

Green Clean-out
You’d be surprised how much ‘stuff’ is left behind when a house is sold. Furniture, appliances, an old collection of dollhouses. We take it all and make sure it’s disposed of properly, whether it’s recycled or reused. We also do commercial clean-outs, offices, industrial scrap, and much more. Please call us and ask if you have unusual items.

Event Hosting
Need an affordable, visually interesting location for your next event? Greenovation has hosted hundreds of people at a time, from fashion shows, health fairs, art openings, meetings, and corporate gatherings. Contact [email protected] to start the process.

Our goal is to keep as much out of the landfill as possible, and chances are (since you’re reading this) it’s yours, too. If you don’t need it anymore but you worry about it ending up in the trash, bring it to us! Sure, there might be a collection event going on somewhere in town but why wait when we collect recyclables all year? From TVs and computers to old clothing, paper and metal goods, you name it. For a better list of what we can take and what the law says we can’t take, go to

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