Our Vendors

We have a great group of vendors offering everything from refinished furniture to custom decor, hand-made textiles, art,upcycled treasures, garden accessories, musical instruments… The list goes on and on. There’s one thing they all share-nothing is new.


Utter Clutter - found oddities

Flux - mid-century modern, high-end & refinished antiques

Second Nature - upcycled furniture, instruments, surf gear and hand-made textiles

Mona’s Menagerie - vintage ’60s collectibles and stuff

Bob and Linda - rescued household gems

Evie’s Eclectics - 1950′s housewares and decor

Vintage Virgo - Mid century furniture restored or refinished to it’s glory

Roxaic - mosaic art work as well as unique hand crafted items

Jesse - salvaged wood turned into remarkable furniture

Prop’s DePrez - theater or photography prop rentals and items to purchase

Cozy Junk - found treasures fixed and transformed into shabby chic items

The Green Bubble - handmade upcycled T-shirt, shopping bags & scarfs; yard art; handmade jewelry; upcycled furniture

Janet (an assortment of otherwise discarded items saved from the trash)

We have a few featured craftspeople that don’t have a booth but offer a
small selection of items.

Francesca DeCaire - Glass Artist (glass beadwork and recycled decor)

Harold Copp (custom screenprinted art)

Deathpile Productions (unique upcycled high-end furniture and art)
and more

Rain barrels by Ryan


Interested in vending?

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