The Greenovation Gallery Co-Op

The Co-op Gallery at Greenovation is seeking applicants for membership who create high quality fine art, fine craft and applied art, with a focus on incorporation of reclaimed and recycled material, to be exhibited at Rochester Greenovation.
Who We Are: The goal of the Gallery is to showcase the work of local, regional and national artists, promote the sale of art, aid in further establishing Rochester as an artistic tourist destination and to engage with local residents for the purpose of bringing an awareness of the work created by the local art community and the community at large.
Please join us!
Eligibility: All visual artists residing in the Greater Rochester Area are encouraged to apply. Artists from outside of the area are also welcome.
Membership: Open to all eligible artists through a juried process.

Members’ art will be subject to a monthly rotation and will be incorporated into hosted shows.
The Gallery will strive to produce several special exhibitions per year (solo, two-member or guest artist shows).
Rochester Greenovation will provide the Gallery web presence through 
Members of the Gallery will receive 75% of sales from their artwork (25% commission is retained by Rochester Greenovation).
Members are required to fulfill 5-10 hours of volunteer work at the Gallery/Rochester Greenovation per month. Volunteer hours can be fulfilled by: staffing the gallery (weekends), assisting with monthly exhibition rotations, assisting with the set-up/clean-up of the Gallery opening receptions, developing community exhibitions, producing community workshops (through Rochester Greenovation) and/or volunteering at Rochester Greenovation.
Members are expected to attend occasional meetings to discuss exhibitions and promotions.
Payments of artists’ sales are made by the fifteenth of each month, for the previous month’s sales.
Location: The Gallery is located at Rochester Greenovation, 1199 Main Street, Rochester, NY. An ”annex” gallery may be featured adjacent to the main gallery to house special exhibitions. Vendor agreements are also available (through Rochester Greenovation).

Hours of Operation: Currently: Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm, Saturday: 9am-4pm.
To Apply: Please send FOUR images of the work you will be exhibiting along with the application. Images can be sent as electronic files, on a CD or 2-D phorographs. Upon the jury’s recommendations, you will promptly be notified of their decision and invitations for membership will be made via email or telephone.

Please cut and paste or print this and turn in to Greenovation.

Application for Membership (please cut and paste or print):
NAME ____________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________
CITY__________________________ STATE________________ ZIP_______________
TELEPHONE _____________________________________________
EMAIL __________________________________________________
Website _________________________________________________
 Please give us a brief description about your work (materials, techniques, price range):

Questions?  Contact Rochester Greenovation at 585-288-7564 or [email protected]
The Cooperative and Community Gallery @ Rochester Greenovation ([email protected])
1199 Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609


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