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Science & Tech

The Old Hardware Game - Beyond Recycling

September 3, 2010

You have a digital camera. It’s only a few years old, and was a relatively popular model. You drop it and the lens housing breaks. What do you do with it? Yes, you can recycle it, yes, you could toss it, but can you find new life for it? A lot of people label...
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Seven years ago…

August 14, 2010

The great blackout of 2003 was the second largest power outage in history, the largest ever in America. It robbed 55 million people of electricity in the US and Canada on a hot summer night. Shortly afterward, talk began in earnest of upgrading the national electric grid, creating a “smart grid”. Seven years later,...
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Old Hardware - Don’t trash it!

August 6, 2010

As more and more people become technologically savvy, they eventually acquire more and more computer equipment. That old 386, 486 and early Pentium may still be sitting in your basement or your garage.  You know you can’t throw it out, but what can you do with it? It’s too old for anyone to find...
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The Green Technology Experience - The Battery Battle

July 28, 2010

Hello Internet land. My name is Bill Schifferli, and I’ll be what Jay is calling the “rogue blogger” for the site. Basically that’s fancy talk for being able to write about whatever it is that I may feel like writing at any given moment, as long as it’s relevant to the theme. I’m a...
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