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Birth Right

October 18, 2010
Birth Right

Throughout this country every day little boys and girls grow up in seemingly normal circumstances. Later in life they will come to achieve the goals and ambitions that their family and their self, have envisioned for them. But yet somehow, underneath it all, some of them will never be able to overcome the void...
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Why do I have these types of “discussions” with people?

October 14, 2010

So after an argument I had with some co-worker about the governor I realized that most people have no idea of what an executive office means, because from their argument the current governor Paterson, and the President of the USA, is to blame for all of the issues that this country has today, I...
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Green Party candidate for governor in Rochester: does anyone care?

September 24, 2010

How much of a force is the Green Party this election season?  There’s not much doubt about the ferocity of this campaign season, where much of the media is portraying it as “Tea Party vs. everyone else”.  But when Howie Hawkins speaks on the steps of city hall, who hears him? Is the Green...
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