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I am currently a SUNY Brockport student studying social work. I have always been passionate about social justice and human rights. I am a liberal but I do not believe in everything that Michael Moore says, I like to look at both sides of the story and make my own conclusion. Currently I am working with a group called the Social Action Welfare Alliance (SWAA) http://www.swaarochester.org/swaa/Homes.html, a group made up of students, social workers, activist and professors, all with the aim of promoting social justice within the Rochester community and the country.

Why do I have these types of “discussions” with people?

October 14, 2010

So after an argument I had with some co-worker about the governor I realized that most people have no idea of what an executive office means, because from their argument the current governor Paterson, and the President of the USA, is to blame for all of the issues that this country has today, I...
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Hello, hello

September 13, 2010

Hello…Sorry I have been on a long hiatus from the social forum blog, I started school and its been crazy busy since. So I know I promised a blog about the Human rights and all of that good stuff, but then I started to write it and got bored and that developed into a...
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July 28, 2010

Let me introduce myself. I am a social work student at SUNY Brockport. I wasn’t always into social worky stuff. I was originally a nutrition student at RIT. While attending classes at RIT I was constantly berated with the simple answer to the American health epidemics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes: eat fresh...
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