Green is the new white when it comes to weddings

As well as our founding ethos of renewing, recycling and up cycling the treasures all around us we have been raising some funds by using the brilliant space we have available here at Rochester Greenovation.  Events held so far have been incredibly diverse and include corporate meetings, art fairs and fashion shows - charging an affordable price for the hire of the space. All have been a great success and we reckon we now know a bit about how to put together a brilliant event, whatever the occasion may be. So how about holding your wedding reception with us? Show the world that a fabulous and fun wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth.

According to a recent report one in five couples getting married  are now looking at greener options, whether that is achieved by using recycled products or minimizing their carbon footprint.

Rochester Greenovation can provide you with a fantastically cool environment for your wedding day. Want your whole day to have a greener feel? Then take a look at some advice on how you could make many aspects of your special day more ecologically sound whilst still having the wedding of your dreams and not breaking the bank.

Wedding dresses

Make a big difference by sourcing your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from the USA. Go one step further and perhaps look at specialist designers who use recycled materials or sustainable fabrics to create simply stunning wedding clothing. Fancy something vintage? Then look at local thrift shops or give your parents a call to see if your mum still has her dress. It can be altered into a more modern design if necessary and will then have that added emotional value to you. Many of these businesses are able to offer assurances of zero waste schemes.

Alternative transport options

Hiring a fleet of gas guzzlers is obviously not going to do much for your eco credentials so be creative and think of alternative options. Be super cool and go for horse drawn carriage or a bicycle taxi. Or perhaps make the journey more of an event and you and your guests can walk and use the local public transport. With the average US wedding now costing well over $25,000 it could be a great way to grab hold of those costs whilst sharing your joy with the world. Other great options to think about include minimizing the number of cars used to transport your bridal party and encouraging your guests to car pool or use public transport. A growing trend in wedding car hire is the use of hybrid or electric cars – meaning that you can still enjoy a leisurely car journey to your chosen location whilst also be as green as possible. Using any of these types of wedding services, especially if you are using a fleet of cars, it makes sense to ensure that they company has comprehensive cover for their vehicles.

Wedding stationary

The stationary for your wedding is for many an important part of their day, setting the tone and showing the style and design that will follow throughout your big day. It does, however, have a pretty big environmental impact with all those save the date cards, wedding invitations, RSVP’s, ceremony programs, meal cards, seating cards and place cards. Do your research and if you decide you want to still send a traditional invitation then look for companies that use 100% recycled materials. Otherwise you can now design beautiful email invitations through a number of software applications that let you fully customize the style to suit your design. Many have a free 7 day trial so that you can check out that it delivers what you want.

Floral bouquets and displays

Flowers are an integral part of most weddings, their scent and colors bring a location to life and create memories for years to come. Think how those memories can be enhanced if you grow your own flowers from seed? Nurturing them through the months leading up to your special day, then picking them and arranging them just before. For many couples who are interested in creating a bespoke, ecologically sound wedding this is the ultimate in involvement. However if you don’t have the knowledge or time to grow your own perhaps a relative could do this for you as your wedding gift.

In some ways creating a green wedding is a way of making your big day that little bit more bespoke, that little bit more personal and ensuring that you create memories that will last a lifetime. Interested in finding out more about our event service? Then get in contact or come down to see the space and have a chat about how we can make your white wedding perfectly green.

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