Calling all enthusiastic supporters of our great city!

Are you plagued with clutter in your basement, your attic, your garage? Are you eager to plant your summer garden, but find unwanted wood, bricks, old tools in your way? Call us! We accept donations of nearly anything except clothes (its complicated…involves expensive fire permits and too many piles of clothes when other entities already have that area of material reuse covered.)  Call us and we will come to you to pick up your unwanted furniture, building materials, appliances and more! Or stop by 1199 E Main Street on your way to the Public Market and drop it off to us.  Either way, we will smile, shake your hand, and give you a tax receipt for next year’s filing.  Remember, we are taking materials not only for reuse, but creative repurposing as well.  As they say, ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure.’

Rochester Greenovation
1199 E. Main St.
Rochester, NY 14609
[email protected]


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