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Green is the new white (Christmas)

December 22, 2010
By Jay Rowe

I know, it’s Upstate NY, we could have a brownish gray Christmas. I’m thinking less about what’s outside, and more about what’s under your tree. For some of us in this “post-recession” economy, our wallets may be a little thin. Even worse, you may have been procrastinating with your gift buying. What do you do with little money and no time? Get creative! It also helps to be the resourceful type. Never fear, the internet is here. There are plenty of great websites that offer how-to instructions to turn everyday items into great gifts or decorations. Here are a few of my favorites:

Instructables is a fantastic resource for the creative reuser. Behind the link is a step by step guide to putting together a modern-day Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Click around and you’ll find last minute gift ideas, hundreds of diy decorations, and even a how-to article for Ralphie’s bunny pajama set from A Christmas Story.

Make Magazine is similar to Instructables, but with a different set of projects. Less holiday ideas here, but this stuff is equally creative.

Recyclart is a fun site - not as intense as the other sites, and heavy on the art (go figure) but you can’t beat it for inspiration. Cork reindeer, a Christmas tree made of books, this site has everything you’ve never thought of.

Etsy.com - what I like about this site is that it’s not only great for diy ideas, but if you (gasp!) wanted to actually buy something, it’s got a great search feature that allows you to “shop local”. Check out the Rochester, NY Etsy page.

There are countless other sites, books, clubs and resources out there to help you make the most out of less, or better still, stuff you have around the house. Even if you’re done with your shopping, why not pick a project to try after the holidays have fizzled and we’re left with a couple feet of snow outside? You might develop a new hobby, clear some clutter, and hopefully find a new way to save yourself some cash.

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