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Why do I have these types of “discussions” with people?

October 14, 2010
By Bianca

So after an argument I had with some co-worker about the governor I realized that most people have no idea of what an executive office means, because from their argument the current governor Paterson, and the President of the USA, is to blame for all of the issues that this country has today, I had to ask them what kind of government do they think we have here in America. Do they feel that we have a dictatorship or a monarchy style government? I felt this way because I could not get around the fact that they were blaming one person for all of the whoas, not at all mentioning the other branches of government, like the legislative or the judicial branches of our government, they play a much bigger role then the governor or president in shaping our policies and programs. We witnessed that this year with the health care debate and within our own state’s various debates. Its up to the people sitting in  Congress to create and  vote on bills that a governor or president may introduce, they may make adjustments to laws and  bills and they have the power to declare war. The legislative branch is key to getting stuff done, but most of Americans seems to ignore their input (or at least some of the people that I have spoken to outside of my circle of friends and colleagues at school)  and blame it on the person in the spot light and it just baffles my mind.

Another thing I have noticed while listening to co-workers try to talk politics is that they don’t even understand the issues and whats at stake. No one seems to really understand taxes and why we have them.  During a conversation about why the top 5% earners should lose their Bush-era tax credits I was greeted with this gem, “So some one works hard to become a millionaire and we punish them by making them pay higher taxes? That’s not fair.” Why are taxes a punishment? I guess it has to date back to the creation of our government and to people misinterpreting the little bit of history they know, in thinking that the original Boston Tea Party was against taxes in all forms, not because it had anything to do with the Brits trying to screw the colonist over are anything. Taxes pay for our roads, schools, libraries, law enforcement and a variety of other social programs that most people seem to take for granted until they need them. Yes I do think that our tax money could be managed more wisely and that we really need to stop handing our money over to private corporations  (the companies that get kickbacks for providing our Defenses with the weapons used to kill people all around the world in the name of freedom) and banks, etc. And yes I am aware that the middle class and the poor are getting nickled and dimed to death, in that the average middle class American pays way more percentage wise in taxes than their rich counterpart (you know the top 5% of Americans earners, the people making over $250,000 per year, but still like to claim themselves as the average middle class person, despite that average income of a middle class family is about $50,000- $80,000 per year), so the argument to raise taxes would only effect those whom had it on easy street for a long, long, long time. But like the saying goes “Taxes is the price we pay to live in a civilized society.”


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