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Aliens visit, save us from global warming

October 14, 2010
By Jay Rowe

Did I get your attention? This headline sure got mine: “Mystery shiny objects floating over Manhattan spark UFO frenzy“. UFOs over ManhattanThen I heard about Stanley Fulham, the retired NORAD guy who claimed not long ago that the world’s largest cities would be visited by UFOs on October 13th, and that these visitors were here to cure us of our soon-to-be-deadly global warming. Yeah. Did I mention he wrote a book about it?
There is very little in me that thinks it’s not a publicity stunt or prank, but it still got me thinking. Did someone out there (or someones) think the only way to change minds about climate change is to involve alien visitors, as if their intervention is the only way to reverse this? What does this say about the general apathy over global warming/climate change, as if anything is too little, too late?
Despite the otherworldly ridiculousness of this story, we must still pay attention to the message. It’s going to take a reminder that’s bigger than all of us to get any real change to happen. Lets see how green these little green men can make us.

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