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First Midtown Skyway Coming Down - 13WHAM.com

September 22, 2010
By Jay Rowe

Who besides me is going to miss those bridges?  They’re sort of iconic, in a way.  I remember coming downtown as a kid and seeing those things linking all of the important buildings, and thinking “wow, what a cool idea, no one has to get snowed on.”  Or using the skyways, when you got to walk over the traffic below.  These are all fond childhood memories, really.  Leaving the Midtown Wegmans and walking across the street without stepping in traffic.  What about now?  As I drive through downtown, there they are - framing the streets ahead.  Soon, nothing but sky and the raw height of downtown architecture.  All in the name of progress.  And I’m sure there will be great things ahead for downtown Rochester.  But the childhood me (what’s left of him) can’t help but think we’re turning our back on the future, as if the skyways did more than just link buildings.

First Midtown Skyway Coming Down - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events - 13WHAM.com.


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