Do not put your family at risk, install window security screens

If you think of investing in a home, the first thing to consider is having your windows installed with security screens. But have you ever known that security screens have more than one use? Here are some of the benefits of installing them.

It’s a form of long term investment

security screens for windowsReal estate professionals will freely tell you that when a home is installed with security screens, it adds value, which in turn attracts tenants or buyers. It is apart from the fact that they will maintain your house more safer security wise. Security screens are durable, reliable and appealing to the eye.

It enhances that kerb look and injects style

As years go by, security screens have also been constantly evolving, in that currently, they are available in various colours. Though they are not the prime factor to look at when redesigning, they give the outside of your house that extra kerb appeal. The advantage of this is that they let you choose a quality design for your home to be stylish.

Converts your home to be energy efficient.

Even though security is the primary function as to why home owners chose to install security screen on windows, they also chip in by reducing your bills. For one, they allow fresh air to circulate in the house, making it cool during hotter seasons, and also warms it during cold season without fearing that a thief will break into the house. They possess layers of steel that assist in insulation and heat loss.

Guaranteed privacy

Security screens are known to maintain privacy in homes. It is because the mesh screens do not allow someone to see through from the outside, more so if he/she is at a distance. For this reason, homeowners who have them installed feel comfortable

exemple of mesh material used

Example of mesh material used

Permits natural light into the house

During the day, windows with security screen allow sufficient light to enter the house and make it bright, while at the same time secure. This is an added advantage. More on this

4 ways to find a reliable home services provider in your area

Looking for the best home service provider in your area? The key is to do your research before you hire as there are plenty of service companies that are willing to charge you a ton of money for only a fraction of what it’s worth.

Here are four ways to find a reliable home service provider in your area.

Search Online

Using websites like Yelp can help you find service providers easy and fast! All the companies are listed with detailed information, photos, and customer reviews that will quickly help you weed out the good ones from the bad. There are some reliable resources where you can find real reviews from thousands of services from housekeepers to home contractors.

Word of Mouth

Finding a reliable home service provider through word of mouth is an excellent way to find the services you need. Any company knows that customer referrals are the best way to promote their businesses. Ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they’ve previously had work done and who did their job if they did. Also be sure to ask a few questions before contacting their referral to save you time, effort and possibly even if your friendship if their service doesn’t go the right way.

Community Boards

If you live in a building or a well-organized community, check out the local message board that may list recommendations. You can even ask for suggestions. Many cities post reviews on their recent work or refer their preferred providers. This can be a great help if you hire someone who is already familiar with your home facilities.

Local Hardware Store

While the chances of actually finding a provider at your local hardware store are slim, most stores offer bulletin boards where local services post their business to advertise their company. While this is the closest level to craigslist, this could be a backup in case the other methods don’t quite work out. Please, you will have all their information to check out their reviews and references.

Consider these options to help you find a reliable home services provider in your area.